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Christmas Party Greenoiscool’s Bday!

Posted on: December 19, 2008

Hello Penguins!

The Christmas Party Rocks!

Hello Penguins,

The new Christmas Party is here, what do you think about it? My favorite Room is this one:


The new pin is at the Ski Lodge:


Its on the fireplace.


The Santa beard is at the Ski Village and the Santa Hats are at the Snow Forts:



There are 3 new books in the book room, Here they are:




This party is like the 2006 party where everything is snowed in, Tell me what you think.

(Thanks To Ojoc!)


My birthday is in 10 days on CP While my other penguins Birthday is in 2 days! I am having my Bday Party This Sunday!

Server: Matterhorn

Time: 4:00 PST

Date: This Sunday

Room: His Favorite Of Course! The Pizza Parlor!

Please come to Orangoiscool’s Party!


Until next time waddle on!



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