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NBCP Is going to be the new Club Penguin Creations. This will represent a new future. I am choosing only the most faithful authors to follow with me. I will also add new authors.


Hello Penguins!

We have failed as a site. After 1 year the average site should have 300,000,000 Thousand hits at the least. We have been deemed an Utter fail. This is why we will be merged. Club Penguin Exclusive has these hits. We will join them and not have problems. That has been promised. This will be kept here as an emergency back up. Admins will be added but a few may be lost. MTN DEW! lol random. Club Penguin Exclusives official Swithover will be effective immediately Today-Friday.


Posted on: July 20, 2009

Im sorry, Im lost Who’s sponsoring me? Is this a war? Until I figure things pout welcome back…


I will not go online for 3-4 days so if u see I dont post on other blogs you know why. Ill be leaving July 15 -July 17. That means tommorow. I’ll try to post on my iTouch (which im doing now and i think i got better) if i get connection. Plz post this on other blogs I work on.

Hi penguins! Yesterday we rocked the Frozen Dock! If you follow me on twitter you can attened all my mini partys and find what I’m doing in real life, or where I am on Club Penguin.

Here are some pictures of the mini party:




It was a awesome party penguins! I’ll see you there next time, right? Just remember to follow me on twitter at


My new name is Big Beach Jam2. I can change Chill into anything I want. :p . Some of you cant cuz its 1 word

Ok Guys I Got A Letter In the Mail And I Am helping Apple Do A Big Project In New York City sorry i havn’t been posting and uhh i have my computer with me but i don’t have internet when i travel ;D  Me My Dad And Apple Are Doing A Project Thats TOP SECRET!!! So Cya In A Few Days maybe Weeks  -.- Bye Guys!  I am also working on cleaning my desktop i found a video that was on my desktop but i didnt see it there before so i uploaded to youtube

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