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Posted on: July 20, 2009

NBCP Is going to be the new Club Penguin Creations. This will represent a new future. I am choosing only the most faithful authors to follow with me. I will also add new authors.


Im sorry, Im lost Who’s sponsoring me? Is this a war? Until I figure things pout welcome back…



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Hello Penguins!

We have failed as a site. After 1 year the average site should have 300,000,000 Thousand hits at the least. We have been deemed an Utter fail. This is why we will be merged. Club Penguin Exclusive has these hits. We will join them and not have problems. That has been promised. This will be kept here as an emergency back up. Admins will be added but a few may be lost. MTN DEW! lol random. Club Penguin Exclusives official Swithover will be effective immediately Today-Friday.


Hello Penguins!

Sensei left Club Penguin! 😦 I never met him becuase I was only a Green Belt. Ohh well! I also have some good news!lol

Music Jam is back! When you see this on the club penguin home page a rock song will play!


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