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The Crunch Army

Crunch Army Coming Soon!
Leader: Emilylondon
6 Star General:
5 Star General:
4 Star General:
3 Star General:
2 Star General:
1 Star General:
______Government Line____
Liteunit Colenel:
1st Liteunit:
2nd Liteunit:
Seargent Major:
Master Seargent:
Seargent 1st Class:
Staff Seargent:
Private 1st Class:
Private(E2) :
Private (E1):

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You start off as Private and move up. This only applies to non-government workers. 6 star general is reserved for Vice President.

2 Responses to "The Crunch Army"

Rofl i made myself i master sergent ill delete myself amd make me private one

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