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I will not go online for 3-4 days so if u see I dont post on other blogs you know why. Ill be leaving July 15 -July 17. That means tommorow. I’ll try to post on my iTouch (which im doing now and i think i got better) if i get connection. Plz post this on other blogs I work on.

My new name is Big Beach Jam2. I can change Chill into anything I want. :p . Some of you cant cuz its 1 word

Ok heres the deal i wont be posting or be on cp. I might if i get internet connection at Hershey Park, July 12-16

Hello it is me Big Chill2 or should i say Big Beach Blaster2!! This name will be stuck with this name till the Summer Beach Blast.
Name: Big Beach Blaster2
Slogan: Big Beach Blaster cant cooled down!!
~ Big Beach Blaster2

Party tommorow at nightclub 5:00 pst. Southern Lights. Ur host: big chill2

3 more posts till 1,000 post!! I was planning a hangout at the nightclub. More info will be here soon.

I am making the soccer marothon even LONGER. Yup July 8- August 8!!!!

😮 a day longer u ask??? Well the feast is not a day longer but the soccer marothon is!!!!!

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