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We’re Moving!

Posted on: July 17, 2009

NBCP Is going to be the new Club Penguin Creations. This will represent a new future. I am choosing only the most faithful authors to follow with me. I will also add new authors.


13 Responses to "We’re Moving!"

nbcp? oh I get it NBC the tv channel and the peacock sign but its a penguin/peacock.

I am a faithful author right? I always follow your decisions. πŸ˜€

Can i help?

You cannot threaten me, Greeno. I’m not scared of you or your site. You and your ‘elite penguins’ said it yourselves. Your site is an epic fail. You can smash Club Penguin Extra all you want, but it shall never break. You destroy me and we will rise again, better and more powerful than EVER. Go ahead, try to take me out. I’m prepared to take both barrels on this and I’m not giving up.

Yours truly,

– Bruce 1197

Ha! I merely spit at people like you! You can’t shut my site down for media that YOU copied to there!

Am i a faithful authpr?

oh rofl i get it nbc NBC channel BWAHAHAHA xD ok it was not that funny -.-” New Site

Whats the URL and will u add cheats and glitches

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