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The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 3

Posted on: July 9, 2009

Hi Bubbles here!  Here is the next part if my story:

Chapter 3:

            Even though Weeblee and Pengbro the ice cream man were confident they would save George, they were also exhausted from walking everywhere. 

            “Can we just go back to the barn bro?” asked Weeblee’s brother Porky.

            “No we are going to find George!” proclaimed Weeblee.

            “But we don’t even know where we are going.” replied Porky.  “How do we get there anyway?”

            Just then a puff of smoke came in the distance.  Cooper sneezed because he was allergic to smoke.  A magical human with purple overalls and a blue hat came out of it.  He was flying and smelled like air freshener in the breeze.  He was a genie.

            “Hello young animals and ice cream man.” chanted the Genie. “My name is Yfrog and I am here to help you.”

            “You are going to give us free toast?” asked Melinda the hungry cow.

            “You are going to give us refreshments?” questioned the tired and sweaty Pengbro.

            “I might, if you choose it as your three wishes.” replied yfrog.  “Remember, choose wisely.”

            Weeblee thought about the first wish when just then Melinda wished for toast.

            “As you wish.”  Yfrog said as a million fried bread came piling on Melinda.

            “This is Heaven.” Melinda mooed.

            So Weeblee said ok to the first wish but just then, when he was about to say his wish, Pengbro sang “I wish for some water please.”

            Weeblee was angry as a million of water bottles came through the sky.  He was still ok with it because he knew he would then say his wish.  He was about to say to free George, when just then, Cooper the Chicken replied “I wish that Weeblee would go to George the goat and stop annoying us!”

            “WHAT?” EVERYBODY SCREAMED AS WEEBLEE VANISHED.  All the other animals then started beating the skinny chicken up as yfrog said his last good byes and left.

            Meanwhile, Weeblee will be somebody’s dinner.

Continued to Chapter 4…

That is all for now.  Chapter 4 is coming up soon.

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



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