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Club Penguin Creations… DEEMED FAIL By United Penguins of Elite

Posted on: July 8, 2009

Hello Penguins!

We have failed as a site. After 1 year the average site should have 300,000,000 Thousand hits at the least. We have been deemed an Utter fail. This is why we will be merged. Club Penguin Exclusive has these hits. We will join them and not have problems. That has been promised. This will be kept here as an emergency back up. Admins will be added but a few may be lost. MTN DEW! lol random. Club Penguin Exclusives official Swithover will be effective immediately Today-Friday.


24 Responses to "Club Penguin Creations… DEEMED FAIL By United Penguins of Elite"

Greeno, dude! You should REALLY get Custom CSS Upgrade! I can make this site look 100% better within a week. That is, if you get it. AND, If you want, I’d use your graphics or mine. I also have a tool that formats most flash player items into HTML. This site would look so much better with awesome graphics, cool colors (besides black, gray, and orange, no offense but that’s sort of dull)!

– Bruce

[…] Link: Club Penguin Creations… Rebuild Time! […]

But I think Im waiting on Minybuddie. If Im not Ill even rename the site!

Can you check the post below this Greeno?

Well, i am already an admin on Club Penguin Exclusives so yeah. Things haven’t changed much for me. 🙂 I support your decision Greeno 100%.

Greeno can I please be an admin on CP Exclusives? I used to be.

I hope ill be an admin 😐

Who are the “United Penguins of Elite”? Well if it’s that’s way I’m gonna quit because It’s been almost a year and I have 14,000 and you haved to have 300,000,000 hits I’m mean really, you just haved to. You can’t live if your blog is a year old and it has less than 300,000,000 hits. NOW THAT’S CRAP AND YOU GUYS ARE GONNA MERGE! WELL I’M NOT GONNA BE APART OF THAT! THIS IS OUR SITE AND IF IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM THEY SHOULD OF ALREADY HAD REAL LIFES ALONG TIME AGO! Have fun.

300,000,000 hits? Woah dude we have lives tio

CCA You can use this site if you want.

UPofE Is the National Club Penguin Agencey that runs servers and websites. They run Matterhorn Srunch and Sleet and more.

Give me their link. I’ve never heard of them in my life…

😦 I wanted you to join me.

300 MILLION hits? No offense Greeno, but your expectations are way too high. But I have a few suggestions to get more views (this is for everyone)

1. Add popular tags to your post
2. Write comments on the WordPress News blog and other popular blogs
3. Go around Club Penguin telling people to Google the name of your blog, your WordPress username, ect.

I hope this helps! 😉

Umm Kelli if you haven’t noticed yet we didn’t make that up the “United Penguins of Elite” did but they probably don’t even exist and Greeno’s just making this up so we don’t do something bad Minybuddie because were not getting a domain blah blah blah 😐

lol It’s okay!

omg i am gone for a couple of days and look what happens!

300 million a year? I dont think ANY cp related blog has or ever will have that much in a year.

Who the hell are these guys even???

and greeno, u change way too often! Choose something and stick with it and dont listen to these phsychopaths of Elite United or watever

If not ur blog is really hard to follow

Wow! I’ve been gone for two weeks and already we’re all getting kicked out? Seriously, we need some time to look at this. The panic button blog ( is the 11th most funny/popular blog on the web, it doesn’t even have half a million hits yet. Gaahhh I just got back from the emergency room, I’m going to lie down before I start bleeding from my ears again.

It all worked out somehow. We made NBCP and then that got hacked. Finally, we made a new site and I hope we stick with it. Moving is fun! :mrgreen:

There is no United Penguins of elite XD

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