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Club Penguin Cinema… or Club Penguin Extra?

Posted on: July 8, 2009

Hello Penguins!

I have been thinking on ways to totally recreate and rebuild CP Cinema. In my eyes, It’s not what you would call a Cinema. About the only thing that happens is the occasional cheats post and sponsorship. Well, I am going to fix that, with these huge changes I call, Club Penguin Cinema SWITCH program. Haha, I’ll bet you expected a CP Cinema Improvement Project? Nope. SWITCH. Switching is exactly what we will be doing for the time between Club Penguin Cinema and Club Penguin Extra. This means new graphics, new features, and a new domain. I’m hoping Club Penguin Extra could be sort of a division of Club Penguin Creations, but I haven’t gone that far. All that I’m pointing out there is that “Club Penguin Extra” and “Club Penguin Creations” sounds pretty cool together. A TOTAL graphic Redo will take place. I’m also hoping that If Club Penguin Creations will merge with us, then all authors are invited to Club Penguin Extra as authors. Over time, the more posts you write and progress you make, you will become admins. Greeno and I will be basically the Head Admins. The reason why you need to be authors is that we really do not want ANYONE going into the “CSS Room” and messing something up, or deleting other users. You still get most all privileges being Authors. It isn’t as bad as some of you throw it out to be. Otherwise, I really hope you guys support this. I’m doing whatever I can right now to prepare the SWITCH.


– Bruce 1197


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