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Playstation Post (Posted From Playstation Possibly)

Posted on: July 7, 2009

Well this is really out of the ordinary for me but I just became the highest rank on Killzone. Yippie!

So you can add me on PSN if you have it. My Network Username is


I mostly play Killzone but you might be able to catch me on Lost Planet.

BTW, you can play Club Penguin on the PS3’s web browser, and I think on the Wii if you bought the internet channel.

Add meh!

– Bruce 1197

6 Responses to "Playstation Post (Posted From Playstation Possibly)"

playing club penguin on the wii it not fun. Half the stuff isn’t there and you walk on all white.

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Wait quick question. Is there a main server that the ribbon is cut for the summer beach blast?

I guess im on big surf for the ribbon cutting

I have no idea where to go so im getting off sorry 😦

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