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A Fire In My Building -.-

Posted on: July 4, 2009

Hey guys!

Ok so i was on my computer and my mom was watching Tv and then we heard smoke alarms we thought it was just nothing and i live in kind of like in an apartment building and i lie on the like the 4th floor and when we went down the stairs it was about the next few stairs we smelled smoke so about 8 Fire Trucks Came and 1 Ambulance 0 Police cars and 1 Depantment Of Fire Car  So i waited about 45 to 1 hour and we came in the fire men told us that there was 3 of those i forgot what they were called they are in a red capsule and has white stuff come out to put out a fire i forgot what thats called cause i never use it… and there were 2 of them and 1 exploded cause of pressure but there were 2 others and since one exploded the main one that exploded well you know they didn’t tell me the story for the other 2… What turned out to be a fire was just a miss com en Mistake.8-O



6 Responses to "A Fire In My Building -.-"

Dude U Okay!?

Huh? I get That there was a fire in your apartment building but uhhhhh….

i couldnt read a word of what you wrote

Try better grammer dude

You mean Fire Extinguisher?

huh????? Ok i think I know what is going on. You have a Grammer Disorder that causes you to post like this. My sister Dancegal825 also keeps on doing run ons and such. I am going into 8th Grade and I am in advanced English so I can help you if you need help. I also think there might of been a fire in your buliding. or not? 😕

Cool! WP updated the Smileys! 😀 🙂 😉 😐 😦 😕 😆 :opps: 😮

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