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The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 2

Posted on: July 2, 2009

Hi Bubbles here.  Here is Chapter 2 of my exciting story.

Continued from Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

                The cow sisters jumped in their tower, excited of the catch of the day.  George was scared and wondered why he even wore his pig costume in the first place.

                “Finally, we got him!” screamed the excited Angel.

                “Now what do we do with this pig?” questioned the always curious Benefactor.

                “I am not a pig!!!” yelled George.

                “What do you mean?” asked Angel.  She was surprised with this statement.

                “You got the wrong animal.  I am George the goat in a pig costume.”  He said this as he ripped his costume off.

                “WHAT????”  Yelled Angel.  “Throw him off this tower at once!!”

                Goodie and Benefactor were just going to as a mystery voice said “Stop!”

                Out of the shadows came Kelli, another purple cow who smelled like sour milk.  She was a friend to the cow sisters and was usually smarter at the capturing scheme.

                “That goat is friends with the pig you are looking for.  If you keep him hostage, the pig will come to you.” she said.

                Goodie, Benefactor, and Angel agreed as they put George in the Capturing Jail of Doom!!!!  (Scary music plays)

                “I see where you coming from Kelli.  We will wait till Weeblee comes and then we will snatch him.  All the cows then laughed their evil laughs like this:


                Meanwhile as they were laughing and George was crying, Weeblee and his pals were on a journey to save George.  Pengbro the ice cream man had a good sense in smell so he could figure our wear the cows were.  He knew that they were in their special tower of evil.

                “Follow Pengbro.” replied Weeblee.  “He looks like he knows what he is doing.”

                “But we don’t know him.  He looks creepy.” Whined Cooper the chicken.

                “I gave you ice cream didn’t I?” asked Pengbro.

                “Yes? “Replied Cooper.

                “Then shut your trap and follow me” gobbled Pengbro.  The whole group then wet quiet and followed the ice cream man.

                Weeblee was determined to get George if he killed him.  Little did he know, the way to George would be a trap.

Continued to Chapter 3….

Chapter 3 will come next week.  Can’t wait!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



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