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Posted on: June 29, 2009

Hey penguins! In the post special offer i said list what you want the penguin to wear! No-body seems to listen!!!

To Emily: You won so please list a penguin color, and 3 clothing items.

To Cca: Your right i still owe you but i have asked you like a million times to please tell me whast you want the penguin to wear but you never did so i assumed u didnt want it. Plz do so now on this post!

Keep visiting and waddling!

~Mateobeccar (cool its in colour :D)


2 Responses to "People!"

Can it be blue wearing a black sweatsshirt, the brown side tide too and the yellow and red tie?

Oh I never saw the comments sorry! I want a penguin with the Blonde hair with the blue butterfly pin, the Diva Glasses, the yellow flower bikini, the silver surfboard, the yellow sandals, and the peach color. Then can I have a penguin with the sunstriker, the black agent sunglasses, the metal looking necklace with the two blue balls at the end that they sold in the special catalog for the Medieval party, the black Hawaiian shorts, the flame surfboard, and the blue color. Thanks!!!!!!

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