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Update: Greenoiscool, Mateobeccar, DQ231 are out! Sorry! But remember everyone will get a part in this story 😉 You don’t know who or what this story is about yet, only I do!

I’m having a contest for the best name ( admins only names) I’ve  put everyone’s in a poll, tell me how it is:

Vote vote vote!


32 Responses to "Contest"

I voted for me!!

Whoever wins it will be that group verseing each other and that person wins will win Big Chill6

Good prize huh?

It’s for who will be in my story but that can also be a prize! 😀

Wait wat story??

A story I’m writing for Penglibrary that I’m hoping I can make into a movie!

Oh i never been in a movie

I chose the one with me, Cca, Minybuddie, and Bocaj because it has me and some of my buddies on. We rule. GO ME! GO CCA! GO MINYBUDDIE! GO BOCAJ!

Ur goin down bubbles!!

Emily, ur writing a story for Penglibrary? awesome! Me too a new one though

Umm… What was I actually competing in?

Well, I put all the admins names in a poll to see what name was the best chosen by voters to be in my story, but don’t worry everyone will be in it!

At least im part of it y did bubbles pick his group?

why am i not an author?

Hey you make music videos, right? What program or website do you use to add music to the background? I’m not making a music video but I’m making some movie or video.

~ |Global|

Why am I not an admin anymore?

no big chill thats to get music. You use movie maker to add to the background 😉

And everyone vote for me and u might get some cash! (probaly not though) 😆

Make me a penguin then we will talk

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITS A 50 50 VOTe FOR US PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ll be added back! SORRY~!

You’ll be added back.

emily someones cheating and deleting there cookies while voting!

Yeah, I know, I can see who voted for who and at what time, so I know to take away that many votes from the person when the time comes. :D, sneaky aren’t I?

Yay I am still surviving. I am in the lead with 3 votes. Go me. Also, thanks Greeno. Sorry about that over reacting. I do that when something tragic happe… Is that a bunny??? 😀

Ohh yes it is my adhd friend!

What are you talking about. I am perfectly…I smell french fries. Got to go! 🙂

Im winning?! 😀

Yes u should br happy i voted u on my itouch, my friends computer, and my computer

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