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Weeblee Chapter 1 and Newspaper 193 Events!

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Hi Bubbles here.  Sorry I am a little late.  I was at the pool all day.  Here is my new story:

                                  The Random Plot of Weeblee

            Why?  That is the question we always ask.  Why?  We live in a random world where things happen for a reason.   So why does an evil cow target a pig for its dinner?  It all starts with a story I like to call The Random Plot of Weeblee. 

            There once was a pig named Weeblee.  He lived on a farm called Random Valley Barn.  Everything was fine on this one particular day.  It was sunny with the sky as blue as a light blue crayon.  Weeblee felt no worries as he started dancing with his pals.

            “RANDOM DANCING!” proclaimed Weeblee.

            All the other animals joined in for a big party.  This was a blast saying that the farmer was away gambling in Las Vegas.  But just then…  A cow at a local tower was looking down from a telescope.  This cow was the weirdest cow of them all.  She was purple with black lipstick.  She, with the other Goths, was the most evil animal in the barn.  Her name was Angel which is ironic if you think about it.  She licked her lips as she saw the yummiest pig she ever seen.

            “I am so hungry.  That pig will be the best pork and bacon I ever ate.” groaned Angel.

            The other Goths, Goodie and Benefactor, were also liking the pig.  Their names were also ironic in which they have good names, but they, deep inside, are bad. 

            “Come on Angel!  Let’s get that pig.” replied Goodie.

            “Wait a minute sis.  We need the perfect time to snatch him.” warned Angel

            “And that would be….” questioned Benefactor.

            “NOW!” yelled Angel.  She said now because just then the ice cream truck drove by.  Its catchy ringing bell made all the barn animals run over. 

            “Ice Cream, get your ice cream!” sang Pengbro the ice cream man.

            All the animals then screamed their favorite flavors.




            Pengbro was rushing back and forth getting all the ice cream.

            Meanwhile, Angel, Goodie, and Benefactor were jumping out of the tower to the barn.  They saw their target and they were going to use their trapping gun.

            “With this gun, I can trap the pig in an ungraspable net!” screamed Angel.

            Weeblee was sitting down enjoying his chocolate ice cream cone when just then…


            Angel and her sisters got the target and went out to the tower.  But it wasn’t Weeblee at all!!  It was the goat named George in a pig costume.  George was Weeblee’s best friend, so when Weeblee saw that George was missing, he had rage!

            “Come on everybody this is personal!!!” he said.

            Even Pengbro with his ice cream wanted some action.  Pengbro said…

 “Let’s do this!


Ok.  Now for the newspaper.  It is really cool.

Newspaper 193

Thatis right!  A new music update for DJ3k!

Here is today’s 101 days of fun activity.

Events yo

Everybody can do that!

Lastly, here are the new events:


WOW!  Sensei is coming in person to the Ninja Hideout on July 3rd-5th.  WOW!  Also, Ruby and the Ruby return to the stage on July 10th, new igloo upgrades catalog tomorrow, and a new pin July 3rd.  So get the watermelon at the lighthouse now before it is gone.

That is all for now.  New music for DJ3k and new igloo upgrades tomorrow!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



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