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Todays The Day!

Posted on: June 24, 2009

Today you have to buy those converter boxes! Club Penguin Creations will be converting from analog to digitial!





116 Responses to "Todays The Day!"

It wont work ir says its avible but when
I press on it i can make the site

Few more hours!


Sorry Big Chill I gtg Cya!!!!!!



>_< My cat just had an accident on my bed

Tick tock tick tock

you all! have u seen my post below? If u have, then comment 🙂

ROFL Woudln’t it be funny if I bought the domain while it was still availible?!?!

I hope u guys arent thinking of anything

When will it not be available anymore so we can use it and HOW do we use it?

i dunno! guess we’ll have to wait and see 😀

Someone post when it happens! I keep trying and it doesnt work!!

Uggggggggg!!!! Ouch!!!!! My eyes are burning!!! Stupid Eyedrops!!!

I had to get my eyes checked today to get glasses so the guy did the test and had to put these eye drops in my eyes to dilate them AND THEY BURN SO BAD STILL and my pupils are HUGE I would take a pic but my mom would ground me untilI had to get my next eye exam ROFL sooooo yeahhhhhhhh

Tick Tock Tick Tock

That happened to me once when I was little. They were giving me glasses to help my lazy eye become normal. after awhile they made me wear a eye patch on my good eye so I walked around half blind. I stopped wearing them after 2nd grade and my lazy eye is still lazy. :l ( It was so embarrassing )


Yeah i guess it was funny

srry I just had to LOL

Im gonna type with my feet!

with your feet? that would be hard

hi boczaj

Im very skilled!


myh caaat bitrre3sw bazsde

my cat bites bad

your cat bit something


I wanna go in the pool but it’s too hot…

I love the pool

Me too but mine is only six feet deep 😐

the temp is just right where i am

Where I am it’s over a 100

oh I go to the public pool where you see fat people X_X

WOW it’s only 74 here

I wish I had my own pool but my house is on a hill

😐 I’m fat

I mean the Big Huge people

LUCKY and that sucks

so bored

Do you mean like ppl over 300 pounds

more like 500 I see BIG people there


they’re always doing swimming exercise in the deep part so the life people wont let you go over there

I hate screaming Children like 0-9 year old

The worst part is seeing them in the locker rooms. it’s very gross

Dang They should make people over 200 pounds never go in pools


Ask your parents to get like one of those Up-Ground pools yeah they’re only a few feet deep but you know that little kids don’t pee in it

My little brother was just listening to the gummy bear song and now it’s in my head

yeah i should

back and Oh I’m a Gummy Bear Oh my a Gummy Bear BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH 😛 The music vid is sooooo gross

the bear dancing

over 60 comments already Lol

Yeah the part where he show’s his butt crack

lol yeah

My mom is listening to something about the Mafia…

I feel like having Icecream

the mafia lol

it’s so quiet

brb got to clean up my cats puke that she just did

Kinda boring too




lol yeah it was very lovely


L o l

brb Im making a paint frog

Paint frog?

A frog made on paint

ah ok

yeah Its so slow

my computer is being slow

oh lol I meant nobody’s here slow

oh yeah

I wonder when the new site is going to be up

Wat are u talking about u wasted more than 50 precious comments

Gosh it’s like nobody in the world is online except us

Wat r u talking about?

WHOA! You scared me Big Chill!

Im talking about hobos

lol hobos

Awwww Now i’m depressed


NVM!!!! Im happy as ver n

uggggg stupid Typos

I just came back from karate and took a nice shower

One time we were on a field trip and we were at the stop light and I threw a dollar bill at a hobo and he ran up to and tried to shake my hand



k bye

over 100 comments

we have been talking for over an hour lol

i gtg cya CCA

k cya!!!

anyone wanna meet me go to sleet , my iggy oin map

Hi people. This is my first comment on this post! SWEET>>>>>

Shows pointy thing at bubbles

Oewwww pops bubbles

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