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The economy is rising, The war in Iraq is almost over, basketball is getting good but activity here has been at an all time low. Just two weeks ago we were getting 10-20 comments on each post! Now we have an average of 3 Comments per post ( yes I did the math). And although when we were getting 10-20 comments per post our hits were low, the comments were driving us up in Google! I think for now I would take going up in google because the higher up we are the more views we will get if we make it onto the first page. Something even Watex couldn’t do! So in the long run I choose comments over hits.
Thanks. Check out The Summer Beach Blast Official Site!


4 Responses to "Bad News."

If you typed Club Penguin cheats into google Watex/Fever site was the first one for a while.

Yep it was. I remeber that! That site is what this one was based on.

Yeah, but when he reached his peak of popularity ( before he disapeared) he wasn’t there.

He made a new site called Club Penguin Tools but he quit because he didn’t want to start all over again. His site is still there if you want to check it out. Just search Club Penguin Tools on google and it should be the frist one.

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