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Summer Beach Blast!

Posted on: June 20, 2009


I am trying to organize a Summer Beach Blast! The idea of it is to gather a bunch of penguins to create a Festival without Club Penguin Decorating everything. I would like to organize a premiere/red carpet walk to have many famous/popular penguins walk down a red carpet and talk to and autograph ( send post cards to ) penguins on the sides. I would also like to have a blog designated to showing premieres of movies/shows, ads for new bands, parties, clubs, and sponsorships, games, contests, raffles and more. I am hoping to make this a popular festival and have many penguins attend. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping/sponsoring this festival. If you are interested please contact me at or via Club Penguin Creations. I need as many popular blogs and websites to help so I can make this an international festival! If you want to know more about this festival comment and I will reply as soon as I can!

Here are more of my ideas for the beach blast:

Have an igloo made to look like a beach,water park, seaside cafe, pool and surfing place.

Have a raffle for a rare non-member/member.

Premiere movies

Have ads for bands,

have PHL games

Have band concerts

Have Famous People Walk a red carpet around the Island and autograph ( send postcards to ) and talk to penguins on the side.

I need help with organizing famous people to come!

How to know if you’re famous:

• People crowd around you when your on Club Penguin

• Your blog has over 15,000 hits.

I need help with igloos, if you can decorate your igloo to look like one of the places listed above OR a concert hall, area for rehearsals, backstage or anything useful than please do that and open it!

I need people to advertise and make ads, I have a commercial but no youtube account.

I need bodyguards for the famous people to make sure that the famous people don’t get swarmed.  Cca, Greeno, Bruce, Mateobeccar, Bubbles and minybuddie will have two bodyguards.

I need organizers! Preferably ones who are on many blogs so they can spread the word!

Please help in any way you can!

The dates:

Starting: July 7th ribbon cutting at 11 PM PST.

End Ceremony : August 7th at 11 PM PST!

Thanks Much, Emilylondon.

Big Chill2: Emily said I can have two bodyguards too.


18 Responses to "Summer Beach Blast!"

That would be AWESOME

Thanks! Can You help in any way?

I’ll try what do you need help with?

That sounds awesome! I can’t wait. I am an author on many sites Emily I will spread the word if you would like. This is going to be awesome! I also have a youtube account. If you want, you can use it for a day if you wish.
Emily: THANKS!

Cool I’ll help!

not tat famous but ill help with the igloos

dining!! for me I’ll do that right now

can i still be a famous person? nvm i dont get alot of hits but i opened up that blog one month ago and have about 300 hits

or was 3, so 100 for each month

even the puffles can eat at the restruant!

Yup you considered famous! And The restaurant is a great idea thanks!!!

no thank u

this is gonna be great!!!!

its done

Wow I can’t wait until July 7th!

i know i organized a soccer marothon during the feast!!


Its the least i can do

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