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The SBB needs an ad ( Summer Beach Blast!) ! Can everybody take a picture of themselves wearing swim/summer clothes and post it or put a link in a comment? I need it for the ad!




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I cant i dont know how to take a pic online and making it look awesome

Ok, I will do it right away.

Big Chill Do you have a PC or a Laptop?


And an itouch

on the keyboard there SHOULD be a “Print Screen” button. Press that on the window where you want to take a picture. Then, go to “Start” on the bottom of the screen, go to Programs or All Programs. After that, go to near the top to “Accessories”. Scroll over that and you should see “Paint” somewhere down the list. Click on Paint. Then, on the top right of paint you should see “File” and then”Edit” and so on. Scroll over edit and then press paste. The image you selected should show up. Then, on the sidebar there will be a star and a square button. Press the square and crop the part of the image you want. Right click the image and press “Copy to” Save it in a folder that you will remember. Name it “whatever.jpeg” Don’t forget the .jpeg afterwords or it wont work. Then, on your post screen, click the Square that says “image” when you scroll over it. Click it and then click SELECT FILE. Select the image you want and then press open. It should say “Crunching” Then press insert into post at the bottom. This should work! I hope I helped!

(This info was made made by Orngyee)

Thx but im not on my computer lol

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