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Real-life pictures by Bruce 1197 and his cell phone!

Posted on: June 19, 2009


16 Responses to "Real-life pictures by Bruce 1197 and his cell phone!"

Creepy thing Is I have almost the same stuff as you! I have two dogs, japanese Chin and a Cocapoo) PS3 and a tv. Loads of war games, a random puppet, osiris shoes, aviators, a motorcycle helmet ( with a motorcycle i won in an auction, Ipod mac and a hat.

I have an itouch too.i am typing on it now

Its an itouch emily lol

That helmet is from Halo or it looks just like it

Yup! Its a master chief helmet that I got of eBay and put together ๐Ÿ˜€ !!!

God you guys are rich I only have a DS Lite and a DSi, a PC (Which I’m always on like I am right now), a tablet pc, a PS2, and the cutest kitten in the world named Jett

oh and two new games for my DSi, Drawn to Life and New Super Mario Bros. they are so fun…

Trade in the ds lite for the dsi next time. Now go to game stop and give the ds lite for $75

The Thing LOL

But u saif ipod mac

Ewwwww wat kind of thing is that thing3?

From ncat in the hat?

i got a PSP, and ipod shuffle (though i am soon gonna get an itouch), a DS lite, my laptop, my PS2 and my Wii…

The only stinking pet i have ever had was a guinea pig (which was EXTREMLY cute :D)

I WILL NEVER TRADE MY DS LITE EVER It was the last thing I ever got from my grandmother…

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