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Message. Watch or else.

Posted on: June 16, 2009


13 Responses to "Message. Watch or else."

well… That is an iteresting topic. I would pass it on, but is everybody here a christian? If not, this topic should not be discussed. That story is illegal and the cops should have come right away because the First Amemendment says that religion in public schools is forbidden. Isn’t it weird that the Pledge of Alligence has “In God We Trust” in it when some people don’t believe. Isn’t it weird that on coins and other money it also says “in god we trust” and everybody uses money. Interesting. We talked about that topic in Social Studies this year so I am interested in talking. I will pass this on. I WILL!!! This is no laughing matter.

Im NOT a Chritian

And guess what? Not really.

I’m jewish.

Yes that is so true I am happy that whoever made this, made it. And I will pass this video on because I believe in that. But the saddest thing is a few years ago when our parents were our age and younger, America was a Christian country but now the world is just horrible I am so sad that we haved to live in this I hope our children will have a better life than us.

Oh I forgot Greeno can you add me back so I can work on the Matterhorn Army page?

I cant see the vid

Greeno please add me back.

Greeno Please, Add me back!

Greeno please add me back…………………

he deleted you? I will add you Cca.

Thanks Bubbles I’m back!

AGHHH! I WOULD NEVER DELETE MY MOST TRUSTED FRIEND! *other than bubbles emilylondon bruce miny*

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