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Hey pplz

Posted on: June 5, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Have you ever wanted to here music that you and everyone on this site likes? Have you ever wanted to add your own music to one of our playlists? Now is the time! Penguins I present to you the first Club Penguin Creations Project Playlist! 

Ive had one here before but only I could add music to it! Now you can to thanks to ‘s new group playlists! Now all you have to do is get an account and click this link!

Cool huh? Im going to have a button on the sidebar so everytime you press it a new pop up window will come up with the playlist! Due to wordpress’s policy about flash widgets I CAN NOT have a flash widgets on the sidebar. 😐 Suckish right? Iv’e emailed them a billion times about this but whatev. BTW NBCP Will Start broadcasting soon but you need to submit your tv shows or tv show ideas! I am making the following shows:

Peng Rider

News of course 

and last but not least The The Blue Penguin Concert LIVE Presented by: Greenoiscool LIVE!

here is where to sign up!:

BTW Penguin Breeze will be needing some graphics and admins so comment if you want to help!



10 Responses to "Hey pplz"

What’s gonna be Hosting PB? I mean like WP, Blogger, Blogspot… I will probably not affilate a blogspot site.


I’ll be Admin for PB!

Tired of dragon cave, bored with Club Penguin, or most of all, fatigue with both? Well, Penguin Petz World has the answer to your problems. You can buy eggs and raise them until they hatch. Once they come out, they turn into Penguins. How will you know when they hatch? Right after you register or get an egg, you will automatically get a folder that keeps you updated on how your eggs are doing. The clicks and visits to that page determine the maturity of your egg. Join now and become a beta, get hired on jobs, make money, shop, and more!

When your penguin matures, you can get a job downtown to Hotels, Spas, and more. There’s even a map for it! And now if you register, you will automatically have 150 penguinworld coinz. You may think this is boring or basic stuff for ametuers, but if you check the website there’s lots of fun things to do, so much I haven’t said on here. Plus, if you have registered a long time ago and like it, and think you know a lot on it, well think again. If you know a lot can you memorize every single word on there? Anyways the site is updated overtime.

Current Updates:

June 1st – Summer Auction; a rare egg from star city.

Like this article? Join now at , just three simple things to fill out (email and site not required)! Beta is here!

It does sound cool! If you want to visit another cool site however, I suggest visiting:


Hey Greeno, just for the record, it is possible to add flash widgets such as MixPods and Project Playlists to the widget bar.

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