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Admin ranks!

Posted on: June 1, 2009

Greenoiscool: Head C.E.O. In charge of everything.

Minybuddie: Vice President of video’s and graphics.

Cca97: Vice president of the C.E.O.

Emilylondon:  Head in charge of pages, and editing posts.

Bubbles: VP in parties contest’s and posting club penguin updates.

Bruce: Head of video productions.

Bocaj,Floppyj,and Rgre1: Posters and idea creators.




Sites I have worked on(NOT IN ORDER):,,, , , , , , , , , (early days) , , , , , , , , , , , MANY MORE! (Including Chats!)

I am a very hard worker and make amazing posts/videos.


Hiring the following:


Graphics makers

Commercial maker (to make us a commercial!)

A new head admin! (must be older than 300 days on cp for experience measures.)

Greeno has been really busy making a new site!




24 Responses to "Admin ranks!"

…. 😐 I don’t like my name to be written with a secret code… LOL jk! cool I’ll check it out!

You told me this site on the chat. It looks cool.

Can I be a head admin? I know I’m already a part of this, but just wondering if I could. My penguins is over 600 days old.


I found your site.

can i be admin??? <- made it look better

my penguin is 324 days old

My penguin is 727 days old. 3 more days until my penguin is 2 years old!

Maybe we should wait… If you add somebody as admin to quick they might destroy the site…


LOL hey guys I’m like totally BORED any tips to make me uhhhh un-bored soooooooooo yeahhhhhh comment back with any tips…

yeah i’m still bored so um any tips???

pie lover is my other acct (the e-mail is not real)

It’s my b-day today!!!!

U can trust me

Happy Birthday!

Happy B-Day!

My name is Mac Storm. I have another penguin who is around 500 days old.

I have worked on these sites: – My blog – My friend’s blog (Did the header and “Our Widget”. – My old CP blog that now I use to test on – My friend’s blog (Did the header) – My brother’s blog (Did the header and the widget)

Please make me an admin! I really like your site! And I like Minybuddies; weren’t you in some of his movies??

-Mac Storm
Greeno: Im actually in most of the newer ones! Im glad you saw me!

I’ve worked on over 10 blogger blogs and I work on 5 wordpress blogs like my own and this one and some other of my friends.

Blogger rocks! But I still prefer

I would be happy to be an admin 😀

Yeah Pick Bob! He’s a great friend to anyone and I think I’ve know him before I even worked on Shawn’s blog!

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