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Posted on: May 29, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Club Penguin Blog:

Ahoy Penguins!

Why are pirates the way they are?
They just ARRRRRR!!

Well, he’s arrived! Captain Rockhopper, our favorite pirate penguin, is here! And have you seen what he’s brought with him on the Migrator? Head down to the Beach and check it out. And don’t forget your coins, because there are some cool things that you may want to add to your inventory…. Let us know what you think!

If you’re short on coins to get all the pirate treasure you’re after, there’s a Treasure Hunt game you and your friends can play in the Captain’s Quarters (only when the Migrator is docked in Club Penguin)! And if you’re up for a really serious pirate adventure, try to hunt for Rockhopper while he’s here. He loves meeting his penguin mateys, so if you’re very lucky, you might just see him out and about on the island!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Hello Penguins!

If you’re looking for some new sporty gear, on Friday you’ll find a brand new Snow and Sports catalog at the Sport Shop. I hear that there will be a good mix of things for all kinds of awesome island adventures!!

purplescuba2.jpgWe hope you’re having fun with Captain Rockhopper and his green thumb (and the green Migrator)! Let us know if you’re lucky enough to meet him – he’s got a new background to give away!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Hello Penguins!
Ninja decorators wanted! A while ago I told you about the Dojo igloo decorating contest that’s coming up – and now it’s time for the “official” announcement! We wanted to let you know that from June 1- 13 the team will be looking for the coolest Dojo igloo on the island. Will it be yours?
To enter, all you have to do is decorate your Dojo igloo in a very creative, ninja-like way. Here’s an example (but yours will be even more awesome, I’m sure!):

Dojo Igloo[1].jpg
There will be 20 winners total. If your igloo is chosen as a grand prize winner, you’ll get 25,000 coins. If it’s a runner up, you’ll get 15,000 coins. Winners will be announced in the June 18 issue of the Club Penguin Times!

Don’t forget that before you can get the igloo from the Martial Artworks catalog in the Ninja Hideout, you’ll need to have your black belt and the ninja mask.  
Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Hello Penguins, Screenhog here.
Every Thursday, there’s a new edition of our favorite newspaper, the Club Penguin Times. Believe it or not, the Club Penguin Times is quite amazing because it’s the only thing that has been updated every week, without fail, since Club Penguin began. It takes a really long time to write from start to finish. There’s sketching, drawing, coloring, writing, joke and riddle collecting, and a lot of other stuff that goes into every single newspaper in Club Penguin. It’s a lot of work!

newspaper[1].jpgIf you’re a fan of the Club Penguin Times, you’ll notice that this is the first week ever that we’re doing a dot to dot puzzle. What do you think? 
We also wanted to give you the heads up that today’s the last Reviewed by You question in the Club Penguin Times. It’s moving to the blog! So the answer to this week’s Reviewed by You question will be published on Thursday, June 11 – and after this week, you can look for the new questions and answers right here on the blog.
Have a great day, and don’t forget to check the Boiler Room to see if there are any editions you’ve missed!
Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team 

My membership will expire soon! I need to go to Target!

I will be..: making major updates to the site! Here is my list:

  1. Add more authors
  2. Give posting Rights (eg. Greeno: Post whatever Bubbles: Newspaper,random, CCA,Emilylondon,: Updates,cp blog,Ideas,
  3. New Theme
  4. New Header
  5. New Widgets
  6. New Pages
  7. 2 Contests and a Party
  8. Get more views (everyone help please!)
  9. Doing posts like these that are more organized.

Videos: I am also working on a video I will show you an update later today!

BTW: I had you all fooled! I was on vacation ALL WEEK! I had auto posts on! haha!

Election Updates:

Please comment on THIS post if your running! Im getting confused!



27 Responses to "Updates"

I’m running! Also can I make the banner? I have a really good idea! Can I also make a banner for the Barefoot kids club??

Can I have full rights to Matterhorn? Like Make an army for Matterhorn, Take it back as OUR (CPC) rightful server from those nachoz freaks, ect. ?

Yeah Cca should. Then If I win the crunch election we could bring Matterhorn and Crunch to make a strong empire!

Yes just like that!


Can you go on chat?

No sorry My Mom won’t let me 😦 Except my friends that I know and none of them even know about chats…

And My mom is about a foot from me

so i cant sneak on either


My mom is gone so I can go on now I’ll go on Greeno’s! 😀

My mom is back 😦

In real life i have four eyes I’m not kidding

lol im kidding

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ok. I guess you fooled us. I just get random and newspaper. 😦 Can I also put my vids?

Yeah put all your vids! lol i wasnt really saying random and newspaper! That was eg not real!

Greeno Can I?

can i run??

Yeah you can


wait? how can u get matterhorn and crunch to join forces?? plus if i was president i would make peace(or try) with these war armies

Greeno: This is protected by a power of club penguin creations and penguin island called overforce. This force posesses the power to stop every army and every server. I am the current user of this power. The armies will be the same.

We would be strong allies

Can I have full rights to Matterhorn? Like Make an army for Matterhorn, Take it back as OUR (Club Penguin Creations) rightful server from those nachoz, ect. ?

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