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New Snow and Sports Catalog!

Posted on: May 29, 2009

A new Snow and Sports Catalog is out today!

snow and sports may 09

There is one cheat. Click on the soccer ball on the first page that is next to the word SOCCER to get the green soccer outfit. snow and sports may 09- 2

Also, the Penguins At Work section has a life guard top that you can buy. When you buy that and put it on and take everything else off, you move your arms like you are swimming when you dance.

snow and sports may 09- 3

That’s all for the new Snow and Sports catalog!



2 Responses to "New Snow and Sports Catalog!"

wait so how do u get the black jersy??/

The black jersy? I’ve never heard of it or seen it before and I don’t think it’s in this catalog. Maybe the black jersy was in a different one from a while ago.

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