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New Author- Floppyj10

Posted on: May 29, 2009

Hi guys. I’m Floppyj10, a new author here at Club Penguin Creations!

I hope you enjoy this site and enjoy me as an author.

I will try to have Club Penguin News on here fast as I can.

Here are some favorites about me:

Fav colors: green, orange, purple
Fav games: CP, Chobots, Pandanda
Fav sport: dance
Fav hobbies: blogging, drawing

I also have my own site




8 Responses to "New Author- Floppyj10"

Welcome to the team Floppy! I’m Emilylondon! You can come to me if you need ANY help what so ever!

Thanks Emilylondon!

No Problem! Hey, Did you know that if you want to reply to a comment without having to type a comment you can just edit the comment via the comments option on the dashboard. The Click b Type your name ( Floppyj10) and type your reply. When your done click /b. Then your reply is on the Comment!

Floppyj10: Ya I do. I just forgot to do that! Thanks for reminding me!

Welcome to the Team Floppy! I’m Cca (but everyone here calles me CCA) Hope you have a great time working here! And You can come to me if you need ANY help too! Emilylondon is a great person she’ll help you out with anything 😉

Floppyj10: Thanks CCA! I’m enjoying it here already.

Hi Floppy. Welcome to CPC! My name is Bubbles62681 but people call me Bubbles. I am a funny party person so be prepared for wackiness. DO NOT BE FOOLED OF MY NAME LIKE EVERYBODY IS! I AM A BOY. Welcome and remember:
Bubbles can’t be popped!!

Floppyj10: LOL thanks Bubbles!

i know ur there greeno

Awwwwww CPC is easier to type than Club Penguin Creations see that took me 7 seconds to type CPC only takes me three seconds!

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