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Im bored

Posted on: May 27, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Im bored! June 6th my membership expires! 😦 Makes cp even more boring.

New poll saturday!



6 Responses to "Im bored"

Awwww I was gonna earn money to get one of my best friends in RL but I’ll try to get you one instead!

I seldom go on club penguin. it is agreed that it can get quite boring. I only go occasionally to get the items and check out the new stuff.

Maybe sometimes i play with buddies and go to parties so ya thats club penguin the mateo way 😉

GASP! How could you say club penguin gets boring! Go to time out now Mateo and understand what you just said! lol. CP ROCKS! Poor Greeno. Just ask your mom to renew it. She always does that for mine.

im sleepy zzzzzzz.

p.s. pay back cca cake!cake!cake!cake!!!

ummm okaaayyyy

i’m on matterhorn now

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