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Thank you everyone for voting for me! You’ve all made my day!
I would like to thank my competitors for giving me thoughts and ideas on how to help Crunch.
I can’t wait to start helping Crunch out and can’t wait to start helping Matterhorn and Crunch combine into two brilliant. With the help of Cca, this will happen easier and quicker than ever!
Thanks much,
President Of Crunch


7 Responses to "Thank you!"

Yay! (Hey what type of things do you do)

I wanted you to win 😀
Emilylondon: Thank you!

Congrats! If it werent for that speech i would still be for Cca but… it was too powerful! :mrgreen:

Lets mark this day as a new beggining! The alliance of the Elite and Crunch Army 🙂

Yeah! 😀

if we combine crunch and matterhorn it will be called…

matterrunch lol


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