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Crunch Election Review

Posted on: May 23, 2009

Hey penguins! So the race for power is over. Who came out a winning champion? Emilylondon as you all know. But why did she really win? Was it her smashing speech? Was it her charming personality? Or just because her name sounds cooler? These are all very good questions… but the true reason is that Cca, the opposing candidate, quit. She herself got carried away by all the propanganda of Emilylondon. (That statement is not true My real reason is that I’m on a Summer Vacation and the computer I’m using is so bad that I can’t even take CP pictures to make any  campaigning things and Vacation doesn’t end till the end of the week)

So Emilylondon, have you ever done this before?
Yes, when I was new to this site and just a viewer I ran for Matterhorn President. I dropped out because in the first post I was out of voters.

Why do you think you won?

Mainly because Cca dropped out but because of my amazing voters! I think that because I am now more well-known and because I have stronger visions, and better skills I was able to fend for myself and create an administration.

What will you do with Crunch?
I plan to make Crunch a strong,mature,popular and more protected server. I plan to listen to the thoughts and ideas of Crunch Residents and put them into use. I would also like to have a strong Military defense. I’m planning on having an Army that will be allied with The Elite, ACP, The Nachos and other strong armies.I’m also scheming on having a strong governemnt with Senators, Congressmen and representatives. I will also be putting up a poll for Vice President. I’m nominating you (mateobeccar),Cca, Greeno and Zebby.
Keep visiting and waddling!



7 Responses to "Crunch Election Review"

No I really just want have my Vacation but guess I can’t drop out well I guess I’m back in 😐

Thanks Emilylondon. It is nice to know that even though I try to be friendly, I guess I am not that good of a friend to be vice president. Thanks a lot!! 😦

Bubbles, I am not nominating you for vice president because I want you to be an my advisor!
Please don’t be sad.

ok. Why didn’t you put that on your post? What does an advisor do? Why is the elction stalled? Why am I asking so many questions? Who likes pie?

I like pie.

Hahaha. I was just naming possible Vice Presidents. Apparently we need 10 polls in the election. An advisor helps control one area, advises the president and asks citizens what they want to see. Techinacally a higher ranked congressman. I LOVE PIE!!!!!!

i like pie more

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