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Authors Auction!

Posted on: May 18, 2009

Hello Penguins and Authors!                                                                                                          I would like to announce

The very First Authors Auction!

Please comment your bid below! 

Saturday we will announce the winn-


Greenos offer: 3 rare-ish Penguin’s. You offer idk…  and so on… 


35 Responses to "Authors Auction!"

Do it mean we will win a chance to be an author ( which I already am) or is this and auction for authors?

Authors give away prizes. The author to give the most prizes gets a big prize…

4 penguins not rare no membership and

cross out the and

1 paint penguin drawn by me. Clothing of your choice!

Ooh 3 photoshopped quiality penguins any choice of clothing 4 penguints not rare no membership and a banner for your blog

I am offering a coin code from a clubpenguin toy. It is unused.

Relief from headaches like mine :l

I’ll give a member penguin 980+ days old and it has a membership badge with the star, and the black cape, the green cape and the light house t shirt the pink bunny slippers and a load more, and it’s first pin was the light house pin.

I’ll give this penguin for a coin code!

email me!

This is NOT a trading center and you aren’t supposed to be in here anyway.

Oh I forgot mine 2 non-members that are 600-700 days old.


oh sorry

I will draw one paint penguin and a banner for blog for a rare penguin!

Wanna try out one of my pengs Mat? I’ll give you the password!

😆 I hope you won’t be fired Cca 😛 Ok that was a joke 😉

Anybody online?! I am on SLeet at the town 🙂

Still on Zebby Queen? I’m there right now.

I’m on Ice Shelf! brrr I got to get down it’s cold on this shelf 😛

yeah sure


Great! Leroy just got on Sleet

Now hes gonna be so mad I think

You are now the Keytar player!

Eh, I just thought you should be. lol

Im gonna join Ipod Ninjas!

lol, thanks 😀

Army will start when we reach 15 members, we are 10 currently.

hey sure cca! email me them at

600-700 days huh?

so cca shall we make the trade? 2 rare pengs for lets say 2 paint pengs? Just tell me what you want them to wear and whalla!

Sure I will on your blog! But I’m gonna be leaving soon for about a week on my VACATION!!!

Oh and They have a few items so if you want I’ll take one paint penguin instead of two…

Mateobeccar: Okay whatever you say.

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