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Mateobeccar’s B-day!!!

Posted on: May 11, 2009

Hey penguins! It’s cause for celebration! My penguin is turning two years old :D ! thats 730 days for you thick ‘uns :lol: ! Well not yet! On May the 12th! Right now my peng is 728 days old. My next birthday will be when I have over 1000 days :o

Also, it’s Pilipenguin’s birthday on may the 11th! Congratulate her too. Her peng is ONE day older than mine. That’s because the email for my first penguin was lost and i couldnt be bothered to do it again so i made it again the next day.

Well, i think this is a perfectly good excuse to have a party! A joint one to celebrate both of our anniversarys.  On Saturday though cause i know most of you are at school at 11:00 pst on weekdays.

When? 11:00 pst duh!

Where? Mateobeccar’s igloo on the map

Server? Tundra!

Why? Kids, always asking questions… whadda u think??

Wear? A fancy tux and… kiddin!  Wear disco clothes or casual clothes!

It will be recorded!!!


Keep visiting and waddling!



6 Responses to "Mateobeccar’s B-day!!!"

AM or PM?

Mateobeccar: LOL what do you think? PM 😆

My b-day is soon also!!!! I’ll be havi a party too.Wish u a happy b-day!!;)

Does it have to be on Saturday? I am planning the Barefeet Day on Saturday.

Mateobeccar: Sorry but what do you think is more important?

My barefeet day is really important because I made it myself. And I made this date before you said your party. So yeah.

Mateobeccar: 😕 Whatever

Try to make all of the parties! 😀

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