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New Play and Medieval Cheats

Posted on: May 8, 2009

Hi Bubbles here!  It is an awesome day today!  I am first going to tell you about the play.

stage trunk 1

The Haunting of the Viking Opera has many cheats.

First, click the viking helmet on the play title for the Red Viking Helmet.

viking stage 2viking stage 3

Next, open and close the red viking helmet for the blue viking helmet.

viking stage 4

Finally, when the blue vking helmet is up, click Helga’s viking helmet for the GOLD VIKING HELMET!!!

viking stage 5

Now for the Medieval Party cheats.

Free Items

Wizard Hat is at the lighthouse

There are also free items in the Member’s quest.

NEW PIN  (like my orange?)

Activate the Pin Maker in the boiler room to get the crown pin


kings crown

That is all for now.  Medieval Party rules!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



4 Responses to "New Play and Medieval Cheats"

I got the Gold Viking Helmet during October 😦 they brought it back

I forgot about the gold in October, so i am really excited they brought it back for me. The Gold Viking Helmet is a special rare item because it ony comes once a year. Once in 2007, 2008, and now 2009.


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