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Treasure book shopping!

Posted on: May 2, 2009

Hi Bubbles here!  I am so happy that my mom agreed to get me some Club Penguin toys.  I got the mix and match things.  I didn’t get 1!  I got 3 toys!  That means 3 codes!  Which means 6 items!  😀  Yay!  So I got the following rare items:


Candycane scarf!

Lighthouse shirt!

Long johns!

Penguin Band Hoodie!

Blue Sneakers!

That makes 7 rare items because I got the blue book earlier!

If you see me with all rare items, I got them from the Treasure Book.

That is all for now!  Thanks Mom!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



9 Responses to "Treasure book shopping!"

LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!!!!! I want a code 😦

Where I live it is only 5.50 per toy pack. You can get it at a local toys r us or Disney Store. Are you coming to the party?

Besides, you are rarer than me so I desrve some rareness.

Its much harder for me to get a cp toy! I can only get them if i travel halfway across the world!

wow I feel your pain dude. How about the next time I get a couple of toys, I will give one code to you?

Thanks! But I don’t know its your money! Maybe you should have a contest to make it fair! you can have it here if you want!

Greeno, I was talking to Mateobeccar. I was gonna give him one because he has to travel across the world to get one. Sorry.

Can you go on chat? Penguin Island Chat?

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