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1 million coins achieved!!!

Posted on: May 2, 2009

Hey penguins! Today i reached a staggering 1 million coins!! Thanks to the cheat though :lol:

Here is a pic to prove it:


Leroy Jenkz also has 1,000,000 coins. Any of you have a million coins?

Keep visiting and waddling!



6 Responses to "1 million coins achieved!!!"


I have a million coins!

WOW! I have 1 million as well! try to save it!

Dude the cheat is gonna get you banned. Maybe not now, but eventually because CP knows and are working on a way to fix it. On the last coin glitch, the people who made millions off of it got banned. You gotta be careful.

P.S. Where would you get the idea of me cheating my hits? I didn’t change the comment but only corrected a grammar error there.

~ |Global|

Yeah that is why I did not post this cheat. I also tried to keep it LOW PROFILE.

I dont believe cp will ban ppl. If they do i will send an email to them saying its unreasonable.

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