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Look at this!

Posted on: April 29, 2009

Hey Guys!

I found a place where you get a BETA penguin! All you have to do is enter your penguin name! Then later he will pick 5 random names! Then he gives his 5 betas to those penguins! Why? He is quitting Club Penguin Forever due to he is 16 and it is very childish to him now!

Click Here.

Ohh yeah and the more you post this post the better chances you have of winning!


Wink Wink ;D he he lol


6 Responses to "Look at this!"

I knew it was a trick before i clicked it. Usually Beta penguin constests and much mroe complicated.

Okay. So my response to that is go! Its fine. Its not wierd at all. She obviously wants you there. šŸ˜€
Plus if you’re friends then what’s it matter?
Thats how I look at it.
šŸ˜€ Yogipen

Hey no problemo. Kinda goin through the same thing. Well girl thing. Nothin like your sitiation, but girl issues too. šŸ˜€ So I can relate. Come with me for anything, I can totally help.

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