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Guess what!

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Hello Penguins!

I am posting this from my new dsi! This is awesome! btw i was sick on my bday 😦



11 Responses to "Guess what!"

Rocking header dude :D!

😡 lol I wanna DSI but I’m gonna get one later this year! 😀

Yay! I traded in my gameboy Sp and current DS Lite and saved 70 dollars at gamestop! it only costed 100!

I lost my Red/Black Gameboy SP (I’m glad cuz it had my name spelled in White Out in HUGE letters = UGLY) and my DS Lite is at a house my parents are trying to sell. I’m eating a Popsicle wanna hear the stupid joke?

Why was the lamp flunking his classes?

He wasn’t bright.

(Worst joke ever)


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