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Why? It needs to stop

Posted on: April 12, 2009

Hello Penguins!

I understand why the authors are changing their names, but there is no point! Nobody cares who any of you are. This is just pointless. Nobody is after you, because nobody cares. (Im sorry If im sounding mean, but im trying to get my point accross.) Change your names back. It confuses people (mee too). I don’t know who any of the authors are. It’s not cool, it’s not ‘with it’. It’s stupid, just change back.



4 Responses to "Why? It needs to stop"

I agree with you minybuddie. I don’t understand it either. That is why I am not changing my name.

I changed my name because there are some school bullies who are hacking everything I have. Don’t worry i’ve changed my password but im pretty sure my idiot brother has told them the pass to everything. My name is only changed until I bust my retard brother!

That’s really nice Etherarx

ur not the boss of the world.

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