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Club Penguin has NO discrimination problem!

Posted on: April 12, 2009

Hi Bubbles here!  A lot of you have said Club Penguin has some discrimination problem.  It doesn’t.  It just shows that members are good and you should be one.  If non-members are being bullied then they should ask their parents to be a member!  No big deal.  I still do not understand why everybody is changing their name.  Just keep Emilylondon, Cca, and Greeno.  NOT Etherarx, Pink, or ???.  Club Penguin is the best site ever and there is nothing wrong with it!  Comment here if you agree with me.

That is all for now!  Happy Easter Everybody!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



10 Responses to "Club Penguin has NO discrimination problem!"

I just put ??? for fun . I have no affilation.
Bubbles – ok sorry Greeno. I still think you should change your name though

I disagree. The Club Penguin team should at least try to get the member/non-member problem under control.

Me and Etherarx wan’t to see how it’s like being a Non-Member, How Members treat Non-Members, I never be mean to other penguins, but some people do and it needs to stop! We are being like Mods’ Helpers protecting Non-Mems from the cruel and mean members of Club Penguin. I’m really sorry for you that you think we’re being weird or something but we just wanna help and get an inside look at what’s happening with Non-Members and you sound like memberships just fall from the sky when you wish for them. They Don’t. And They Won’t EVER. So stop pretending and get off your couch and do something about it! You make your own choices and I do too. If you wanna sit back and do nothing you can but you don’t haved to you can make a difference! My time in Club Penguin is ending soon so I’m trying to make a difference today for the future of Club Penguin! Non-Members have rights too but Members are getting to much stuff right now Disney needs to take it down a notch for Members were not gods were just kids trying to have fun in a safe world for kids. If you have a problem with that I can’t change that. I can’t change you at all. Club Penguin is full of nice people and mean people and every kind of personality and life is like Club Penguin (except there’s no chat filters) and you will always have different personalitys in your life like me and Etherarx. You will just haved to live with what were doing right now. I’m sorry that we want to do this if we bothering you that much just ignore us but we’re still gonna do this. Club Penguin needs to get this under control and we’re gonna help them.


My membership was cut for a few days and I was a nonmember. I was walking along the streets and I talked to some members. They COMPLETELY ignored me. it was rather annoying.

But the discrimination is nothing serious. It’s like real life social classes. You get the rich (members) and the poor (nonmembers). Some rich ppl help the poor. Others…. dont.

We aren’t trying to be your enemy. So if you don’t want to deal with us helping then just ignore us. We don’t want to distress you!

It’s not club penguin’s fault members are acting this way. It’s the members themselves.

Its half CP’s fault they’re treating members like gods or something and it needs to stop NOW!! Club Penguin was perfectly fine until Disney came on. DISNEY RUINED CLUB PENGUIN EVERY PARTY THERE’S A MEMBER ROOM IT’S NOT RIGHT TO NON-MEMBERS. It’s not and never will be. We need to take a stand and help Non-Members! Not sit around like pigs and be mean to them. They need our help, not be treated like worthless nothing. CP shouldn’t be like real life the rich get everything and the poor get nothing.

Bubbles, c’mon man we aren’t trying to be your enemy. We’ll make a page about it and post our information there, you can completely ignore that page if you’d like. Can we just leave it at that?

Yea We’ll make a page and you ignore it forever!

Ok i understand. So it’s Disney’s fault I guess? I just wanted you to clear it up. Those poor non-members 😦

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