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I’m going undercover.

Posted on: April 11, 2009

Hey all!
I’m going under cover for the next few weeks. If you see posts with pictures of non-members being treated unfairly, it’s me. It’ll be posted by a random alias. Again thats me. Please don’t tell anyone about this, I want to prove that Club Penguin has a lot of hierachy issues. Please do not be disturbed. To Greeno: After three days and at least nine comments please delete this post. Another reason I’m going undercover is because there are a gang of 7 people from my school who play clubpenguin who are trying to make me look stupid.
Please comment if you understand this.


2 Responses to "I’m going undercover."

Hey can I help you?

P.S. Cool Undercover Name I like it!
You may! Thanks! I was watching spy kids lol!

Awesome but u should change ur display picture it gives it away

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