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Club Penguin Discrimination I

Posted on: April 11, 2009

Update: I will use the language used in the interview because of some requests! But I’m not doing it ini the real french. I’ll just translate it.
Club penguin has a serious discrimination problem. I interviewed an non member at my igloo after she was taunted in the gift shop.
Me: What do you think of the discrmnaton?
Anonymous:It’s really h!rtful! I log off crying every day!!
Me: Oh that’s too bad what do they do?
Anonymous: They screem at me and its not fair!!!
Me: Oh thats st!nks you can go to my igloo to chill.
Anonymous: Thank you!!!
I gathered a bunch of non members up and had them do a consuleing session at me igloo!I will use th


32 Responses to "Club Penguin Discrimination I"

I know that that’s not true. Because almost all of those words and sentences would not go through the filters.

They did! No joke.
A LOT of words go through the filters. A LOT

Not believable! Im not a noob or a idiot. Discrimination wouldn’t go through. Hurtful doesn’t. Crying, screams, stinks, they don’t go through. You must have re-worded this. If you did that’s fine.

Minybuddie, can you comment on my post on penguin island. I am confused.

If you don’t like this, thank Disney! They’re treating non-members like crap, and members like they rule the world. Club Penguin wasn’t like this when I was a non-member!! 😡

************* got a new name? What the heck is Etherarx? I would go back to****************.
Greeno:Please do not mention Undercovers name…

Etherarx should we make a Page for this for other people to join?!

Um I dunno lets ask greeno
The name is only while im undercover, school bullies!

Yeah I know, but can you go on Greeno’s Chat?
(I’m not allowed to go on chats.)
We could call it Non-Mem’s Spy Club or something well I’m just talking.


But they do treat Non-Mems like crap.

I only changed the words that minybuddie mentioned and thats. we used chat speak to get through the fliters.

Comment back on my site!

Disney does NOT treat non members like crap. And im not here to argue because I don’t want to argue. There IS LOTS non members can do, and lots members can do. Non members are just poor people and kids with parents that don’t like CP. Well if you don’t like Disney then STUFF IT because Disney did great things to CP.

I wasn’t a member until seven months after I made my account on CP, but it wasn’t because I was poor (which I’m not and never have been) or because my parents don’t care about CP.

Minybuddie you don’t know that and that’s not a fact my friend isn’t poor and my friend’s parent likes CP sometimes it’s other things than people being poor or parents that don’t like CP and sometimes CP does treat non-members like crap.

You too ***? Why are you Pink Porcupi? Do I need an undercover name?
Don’t say peoples undercover names!

No Bubbles you don’t haved to.

Hi Im ??? 😀

Hello ??? 🙂

Getting alot of stuff for Easter?

Lucky I didn’t and won’t get anything.

My dad doesn’t like Holidays or something like that so he wont let me get anything

I gtg bye

AWW That sucks Here I gave you a big eatser hug and box o chocklates (well at least LEFTOVERS Sorry! lol)

Thx ???

who cares about all the undercover names. The pictures give it away. Cca and Emilylondon please change your names!

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