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Leaving Forever…

Posted on: April 10, 2009

Good Bye Penguins…

I appears that nobody wants me around anymore. I was just trying to explain that the forum is a rip but nobody cares they would rather have me gone. Well Greeno said he agrees that the forum is a copy and he wants to get rid of it, but no author seemed to want to ask Greeno instead thought I was trying to be mean. I like CPC and I can’t belive you people would do this to me, I thought of you all as nice people, but I was wrong.

As of now im leaving forever.



12 Responses to "Leaving Forever…"

Don’t leave I am sorry! I picked the first option because I was stupid and I was trying to defend Greeno. Do not go.

Greeno can you please go on your chat?

Well to tell you the truth I don’t like to lead so I was just following what everybody said I like you Minybuddie I’m a big fan of all you guys! I don’t even remember how I got to this site all it started with was a contest on a penguin’s site name Gulchi I think. I dont know if it was luck or something else but whatever it was I’m sure glad I got here! And I like everyone here please stay Minybuddie you a great penguin and a great penguin! And who ever said “Yay!” to Minybuddie leaving get outta here.

I agree with Cca. I’m a big fan of you guys, but with the CPC forums I got a little defensive of Greeno because I thought how you go the message out was rude. I don’t remember how I got to this site but I think it was because of it being on Watex’s blogroll or someone famous like that. And Honestly, minybuddie you can go, it’s probably your mistake if you do leave you wont be very widely known again! So please stay, and just remember I get very defensive at some times. I wonder if II am more like one of those defensive baboons than human at times…

I cant vote in the poll cause Penguin Island doesnt suck. Quite the opposite really.

Just that u could have done that post a bit nicer! I mean he spent quite a long time making them and just saying their a rip off is quite mean!

Exactly! Mateobeccar is soo right! He said it in the shortest way possible I think. Ha ha ha. But honestly say it in a nice way and we’ll listen!

Minybuddie: Yes but Greeno didn’t make the forum, TGPDS did. He also didn’t spend anytime making it at all! That’s what the post was about. He took the Club Penguin Planet old theme, header and a whole bunch of other things and just edited them slightly. Some things he didn’t edit at all!

Yes Mateobeccar is right!

Everyone acted like the forum was made be Greeno… sorry Minybuddie. 😥 I feel like such a jerk! 😦

Please don’t go! I’ve only known your site for 10 min. & i don’t want u to go.

I promise you NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE ON MY BLOG! lol Your looking at an old admins blog I am the owner here…

PLEASE DON’T GO!!! And just to say, stop arguing about what greeno did and all that. I did this on my cell phone! And omg i haven’t been on this blog for ages! 😀

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