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Not so new author

Posted on: April 7, 2009

I’m Emilylondon, a not so new author. I’ve been with this site fgor a couple months and I love it. I was here through the minybuddie CPBN issue and yada yada yada… My penguin is 900 days old but I missed BETA testing by five weeks D:. I love this site more than my own and can’t believe we are back from PI so soon. ( I’m kinda happy about that!)
See you later and remember
Emilylondon has way to much fun!


4 Responses to "Not so new author"

Woah! When u said u missed Beta testing by five weeks it made me realize that ur sooooooooooooo ancient!!! Your like rarer than Heatblast!!

Cool! Wait, just because I have a bold slogan means everyone has to?

lol no bubbles, I was just showing off my new slogan lol!

lol. ok

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