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Posted on: March 29, 2009

Hello Penguins!

Just so you all know, Greeno is not the only one leaving. You make it sound like CPC will still be open and you guys will run it. No, CPC will be in closed mode, remember,

The moving process is completely reversible!

All of you authors are moving! You all get to be authors on Penguin Island and moderators on our forums. If some author doesn’t want to move, then fine that’s you’re business we won’t force you. However it would be better because all of your friends would be on PI. Here is a list of all the authors that will be moved. If you don’t want to move just make your name red.

Green= Moving to PI

Red= Staying











I hope that you all move!

Happy Posting!



8 Responses to "More Info"

Oh. Im not an author anymore.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Your name is up on the list!

Do you haved to join the PI Fourm to work on your site?

Your still an author sorry about that page! I didn’t make it…

Hyder is not an author…

I am on the forum and I am really excited about all this!!

Apparently someone doesn’t know their colors..
I never knew red was green…

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