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Bubbles can’t be popped!!!

Posted on: March 29, 2009

Hi Bubbles here!  Thanks to Greeno I have a new slogan that I will use lol.  It plays with my name Bubbles : Bubbles can’t be popped!  This means to me that I will persevere with my writing as an author at Penguin Island.  So you will see this slogan at Penguin Planet and eventually Penguin Island.

That is all for now and remember: Bubbles can’t be popped!!!  😀



7 Responses to "Bubbles can’t be popped!!!"

Wait…. how am I being moved to PI if I’m not an admin there?

Cool! My saying at the ending of my posts is “Vékriarralyn jaschryl!” (pronounced vay-kree-ARE-uh-lin jasch-rill). 🙂 It’s weird; I know. I’m weird!! :mrgreen:

But you are a cool elf! I had fun with you and safety today! It was awesome. :mrgreen:

To greeno:
HeHe Thanks for the 10 😉

Now, on my website I have a Funny Pictures Page, 290 Funny Pictures and I would really like your opinion on them. So if you could please visit and then head to the 290 Funny Pictures Page and just leave a comment saying if you think they’re funny and if you like ’em or something like that. Thanks!


hey bubbles!

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