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Pros And Cons

Posted on: March 28, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Many people think that moving to Penguin Island is not a good idea. Many people also don’t know what it means. Here are all the pros and cons.


  • WAAAY more views
  • Get yourself known better
  • Get more subscribers
  • Constant viewers and comments
  • Penguin Island IS better


  • Hmm… all the pros sound great. I can’t think of any cons. Edit the post and put your own in here if you want.

Let me make this clear. I or anyone else will never delete this blog. The process of moving is COMPLETELY reversible. Everything will just be un published. No ones work will be lost.

You all make moving sound like a bad thing, it will be one of the best things for you guys! Think about it.

Happy Posting!



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