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Last Post Here I Guess Until Minybuddie CSan Control These sites!

Posted on: March 28, 2009

Special Thanks to:

  1. Shyshy6510
  2. Peach Design
  3. Friedajane98

Another thanks to the best admins EVER! Who will be following me 2 penguin island. I promise I will return here one day HOPEFULLY soon. I will miss every single bit of this site From the advertising to the wars. I will miss it all. 😦

Life can be sad at points… But it will soon be better. I will possibly just posts cp updates here but I may never be here again 😦




6 Responses to "Last Post Here I Guess Until Minybuddie CSan Control These sites!"

but.. what will happpen to all the authors? Is this blog just going to go under because now Penguin Island thinks your good enough????????!!!!!!

Okay that kinda sucks!!! Just remember, dont shut down this site! Leave just like it is with a post saying that u wiill be back some day

Yeah Please do that ^

y do u have to move greenooooooooooooo nother site to remember…=P

p.s. will you keep the chat?? =D

hi greeno whats up???????

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