Club Penguin Creations

Club Penguin Creations

Posted on: March 28, 2009

From CP Cheat secrets fun to the Greenoiscool War Agency to Freezer 9551 News and then to Greenoicool News to the famous Club Penguin Broadcasting Network, and now or the shortest time in history, Club Penguin Creations. No matter what the name Greeno has inspired us all! In honor of him leaving Club Penguin Creations I am holding a farewell party for him!

Server: Crunch

Time :  5 :00 am Penguin Standard Time

Dress Code: Something Sad Grey Black but then add something funny i.e jokers hat!

Room: Forest and if there are “wolves”  then the boiler room.

Farewell Speech:

So this is goodbye, Greeno.

We’ll miss you.

One way or another, you’ve had quite an impact on this place.

And you’ll leave quite a gap here.

But we won’t have any shortage of memories.

We’ll remember you for being fun-loving.

We’ll remember you for being caring.

And if we’re honest, we’ll also remember you for bringing the blog to it’s full extent and living through the toughest of times!.


6 Responses to "Club Penguin Creations"

What day?


We’re leaving? NO!!

Yeah it is too early

You are all going 2 be admins on the new site.. AND when I quit Penguin Island i will posts all the posts ive posted there here and keep this site going. I will try too keep this site updated i promise i will be back

and keep posting so keep visiting

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