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Sorry I haven’t been posting, I was at a  study sleepover!!!

Anyways! Exciting news, I’ve found a way to keep your member clothes on when your membership is about to expire, two days before the membership expires, put on your favorite outfit. When it expires you’ll still be wearing it!


10 Responses to "Sorry"

Cool! Didn’t work for me 😦

* Username: Maddox3
* Password: maddox

* Username: Lugger1
* Password: lugger

* Username: Ows13ows13
* Password: ows13ows13

Wow u giving away penguins??

Whats up with that Greeeno??


Someones on Lugger im on Ows13ows13

it wont let me on ows13ows13 it is saying password incorrect but i did but ows13ows13 for the password


and also it says that lugger and maddox are banned but i didnt make them banned i just wanted to let you know


hey why is maddox banned forever!

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