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Posted on: March 25, 2009

Hello Penguins!


As some of you may have noticed my name now says Theflu01 A.K.A. Greeno That is because I have created a new penguin. Greenoiscool is not BANNED! I just like the name a bit better! Theflu01 suits me!  I like numbers in my name! I mean how cool is Theflu01? lol I think it’s AWESOME! What Do you Think?

Crunch Election

Im sorry the sign up page is delayed but i have run in to a few difficulties making the sign up. As you may remember I used to put up a poll for you to put your name in the other tab. Now I am creating a form that makes like easier! Ahh the easy things in life!



I Have moved this topic to The Bare Foot Club Created by me!




Mateobeccar I am ordering you a pie same for you Zacheruia! What flavor do you want? If you don’t choose I will give you Cherry and Chocolate! MMMMMMMM!


I am making forums with tcpdgs!





7 Responses to "Theflu01"

Okaaaayyyyy. Was your penguin name just Greeno? That´s quite a cool name dude! I am not so enthusiastic ´bout the new name…

my chat or cp now! sERVER ARCTIC room iceberg XAT.COM/GREENOISCOOL

i need a proper link to the chat!!

Artic is full!!!

Bobsled k??

k Iceberg

Listen, my sister dancegal825 wants to be an author too. I know she doesn’t put a lot of posts like me, but she can help. I think lol. Think about it!

Theflu01: Hmm Thought about it NOOOOO! lol jk YES! It would be cool!

Here is her wordpress site. Do your thing!

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