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Iamthewalrus Not with Doomgoats.

Posted on: March 20, 2009

Hello Penguns!

From what iamthewalrus told me his post was misleading. He is not with doomgoats, But he did hack Minybuddies account. He said he was trying too hack the PI forums right then and there. Thankfuly DQ installed a device that makes sure nobody can hack them. You will all get your admin spots back when this is over with.


5 Responses to "Iamthewalrus Not with Doomgoats."

Sweet! Glad this mayhem is over. look! 24 more hits ´til 20,000!!

I just need like 50 to get to 10,000


thats good 😉

Guys,The DoomGoats Are TheGreyHat(The Members Of CheeseCP)

Like CPHaxer CheeseCumber.

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